Saturday, February 26, 2011

Want to be a part of our Ministry in Abandoned Places?

We appreciate every bit of support we get from others in our community, surrounding area, and across the world. We are living proof of miracles among the ruins. And we are just beginning. Amazing what has happened in only four years and now in our new place of our own so much more is blooming...Look at this list, check back as we update it, and thank you for your support. If you are just finding out about us from publicity articles, please explore our website here to learn more about us.

---Plumbing or money for plumbing as we get the first phase of bathroom repair underway.
---Computers, desktops or laptops, for the Computer Center, or money to get some refurbished ones
---Electrical or money for electrical work anticipated to handle the increased computer center
---Food for pantry
---Website and Facebook Site Creation
---Libraries Set Up Help
---Musicians for our Coffeehouse Concerts
---Paint and/or painters to cover over the vandalism we suffered
---Landscape and grounds work to do French Drain, etc. Or adopt a bed at our community gardenkitchenpark (which will have its own wish list soon)
---Picnic tables for our outside welcome areas
---brochures for all sorts of community resources and put together our info kiosk
---children's library, beanbags, playspace for inside and outside
---Artists for Community Art Day Mar. 25 and for other art days
---Stained glass artist to help repair vandalized windows in main room/chapel
---We have a sign place for a permanent electric sign naming our space; sign work or money for sign work
---People to lead book or movie or game nights or crafts coop
---People to lead workshops on relationships, healthy living, neighborhood safety
---Coordinaters for Job Fair
---Buy Ads for Us or Help Promote Events and Resources
---Adopt Us For A Month: $350 for mortgage, $230 for insurance, $400 utilities, or Pay for a newspaper or magazine subscription
---Equip our New Kitchen.
---Contribute to Roof Repair
---Come to Work Day
---More To Come
Use Donate Button or contact information above, or call with ideas or other ways to help which you may think of.

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