Monday, February 28, 2011

To Learn More about Us, Planting New Churches, UU Growth, and Going Missional

If you are just finding out about what we do here, welcome, and here are some links from previous posts, a kind of best of, that will explain more about why we are doing what we are doing here...go to for more recent updates.

Here is a post of posts that includes commentary on us, growth, church planting, missional church, and more: Don't forget to go to the commentary on the UU Growth Summit in Denver last year.

To learn more about the Three R's, relocation, redistribution, and reconciliation, check out and the powerful story about Civil Rights activist John Perkins...

To actually go deeper with us, check out some of these books that have inspired us:

Also, check out some reasons for using the words we use and common misperceptions at

A shorthand summary of where the "missional church" as a new movement has come from most recently, check out this description at my:

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