Sunday, June 13, 2010

TV News Story on Us, and Putting that "story" into the bigger perspective of "The Story" Above is the link to a Channel 6 in Tulsa news story about our missional center and one of the latest big project we have going on, our miracle among the ruins, The Welcome Table Community Kitchen Garden Park project.

That link above also has all the other links about the project, some corrections from the news report, updates, and posts that put it into the bigger picture of what we are doing in community renewal and why.

But I want here to say a short word that also puts even the TV news story into perspective, into missional perspective. As I was telling a seminarian colleague, you know, in the missional way, the segment on the news itself is the seed that may count the most. Most people who watch the clip from around here will shake their head in wise cynicism or find some way to complain, etc., that's just the way it is with folks hurting. But somewhere there was one person watching it who said to themselves or a partner or their kid, I or we can help, or we can do that, or we can do that even better, and that makes all the rest worthwhile.

That mission thing again: it is not even about how much it, the news story, brings to our missional project but about how much the project itself can spur on mission elsewhere in ways we will never know. That is the most important thing of all. Hard to always remember, because we do so much want to see this project and all of our efforts bear fruit as intended. But we lose our way if we forget that it is not even about this or that project, but it is about The Mission, and that is always making Jesus visible in the world. And, and, the beauty of a God-thing is that while something might not be visible to us (and in fact what might be visible to us is something that fails), it is helping something even grander to become visible to someone else somewhere else. This I do believe.

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