Monday, June 28, 2010

If you are finding this website after the General Assembly Missional Workshop...

...Welcome. The workshop just barely scratched the surface of challenging our thinking about how our images and ideas of church limit our transformational possibilities. Hope you will browse the titles on the right and dip into the exciting world of being both missional and progressive.

Also on the handout that I gave out, on the back there was a chance to support our group and our work here in one very important project, the Miracle Among the Ruins project. Please consider contributing to this and becoming a part of our work here. Go to www.turleyok.blogspot for more and to contribute easily and safely.

And above all, be ready to respond when we put out our calling to form the Missional and Progressive Network; in the meantime, pass on in this space your own dreams, your plans, your questions, and carrying on the conversation.

If you didn't go to GA, you can read the handout below that went with it; I just augmented it with the Small Talk essays which have been linked to here, plus some of the latest updates on our work in this part of Tulsa, and an order of service for our common worship liturgy.

Thanks and blessings and more soon, Ron

PS. You can also order a CD of the GA workshop by going to the site and looking for Friday program 3014, Turning Your Congregation Inside Out.

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