Monday, May 24, 2010

Retreat. Revival. Return: The post of the idea I'd most like to revisit and implement

Here is an old post that has still been kicking around with me, but hasn't taken shape yet. Maybe this summer we can revisit, especially with Revival coming up in October, a new way of shaking loose and recreating the time of the church.

If I were forming new community for the first time, this like the post on plant killers below, is one I would spend some time with.


spiritualastronomer said...

Wonder how I missed this one. I really think there are some wonderful possibilities with this idea.

Ron said...

I think it requires intentionality more than ever. Without the weekly kind of all size fits all spiritual needs type of church event, the old sabbath, you still need to create a sense of rhythms, of regular touchstones, expectations, scratch that itch people have even as you keep them in the missionfields getting more itches; so creating it on a year or three year cycle like the lectionary would help.