Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go Here If You Are Interested in Church Growth

To www.churchconsultations.com/fileadmin/community/PowerPoint/denominational1.ppt

Your one stop comprehensive church and denominational growth and planting findings and ideas on what works and what doesn't and what is required to grow and what will hold it back, etc.

A not too dated (2007 I think) comprehensive and excellent powerpoint by Bill Easum, one of the top church consultants with experience in this area, on the whys and hows of denominational and church growth and church planting. This has got it all especially for people interested in growing something vaguely familiar anyway to the image of church most people have from the past, but there is a lot of missional growth embedded in these findings too.

We need to be planting one percent of our total number of congregations each year to survive. What is that? 10? Plus they shouldn't be planted as "churches" but as church planting churches.

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Peter Bowden said...

Ron, thank you for sharing this. Nothing like a 156 page growth oriented power point presentation to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Best, Peter