Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Resources For You From UUCF

Hi all.

An email from the UU Christian Fellowship with links to various Easter 2010 Good News periodical articles just went out to those for whom I have current active email addresses. If you did not receive it and would like to do so, and I hope you do, please send a preferred email address to We will forward the commentaries on to you. Please also pass this information on to others in your email networks who might be interested and might not yet be receiving our resources but who might be interested.

Also on the home page of you will find special links on the right hand side to click on to go to a page full of recent Easter material plus others for different seasons, as well as the full Good News issue for Easter, and for the weekly Virtual Monastery reflection from UU ministers that follows the church year and lectionary. The Easter Sunday meditation will be posted soon so check back as well as for all the weeks of Eastertide and beyond.

You can also now go to for a Good Friday and Easter themed review of the new ground breaking scholarly book by Dr. Brandon Scott, Sound Mapping The New Testament; he will be one of our keynote lecturers, along with the Rev. John Buehrens, at our Revival/Retreat 2010 in Dallas Oct. 14-17.

Current information on Revival and on General Assembly programming and presence is also up on the website and will be updated as we near the events.

Have a transforming weekend and Eastertide,

Thanks, and blessings,
Rev. Ron Robinson
Executive Director UUCF
freely following Jesus since 1945

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