Friday, April 23, 2010

Consider This...Change This

Consider All This:

Our public community centers have been closed down, especially in our lowest income areas... Our state is dead last as the healthiest state…
And our 74126 zip code has the lowest life expectancy in our area, 14 years lower than just 8 miles straight south of us on Peoria Ave. ...
40 percent of the vacant residential properties in our two mile radius have been abandoned, not for rent or for sale, and this doesn't include the abandoned commercial properties…
We live in a healthy food desert…
A third in our area feel insecure about feeding themselves and their families with healthy food… The Tulsa Public Schools are ending the elementary science/nature classes in schools in our area even though our high school, McLain, has magnet science programs, meaning our own children will not be as prepared for the program.

Because of, and in spite of all this….We at A Third Place Community Center believe another way is possible…We believe, with your help, change is possible...

The Welcome Table Kitchen Garden Park Project of our A Third Place Community Center in Turley and Tulsa’s northern-edge With University of Oklahoma Design Studio and OU Graduate Social Work

Sustainable Community Development One Block at a Time. Taking a full block with 12 lots with abandoned houses and trash, in an area overlooking downtown Tulsa, bridging two ethnically diverse low income areas….Turning It into An Outdoor Center with Community Gardens, Community Kitchen, Community Classes and Meals, Family area. On an acre at 60th and N. Johnstown Ave.

But first, in order to begin, we are raising from local residents and global citizens $15,000 needed to purchase the property to begin the transformation. WE CAN ONLY DO IT WITH YOU…We need 100 people from around the world to give at least an average $100 to match what we have raised (you can give more; you can give less; we want as many owners as possible). Donate in honor or memory of someone who cared. WE CAN ONLY DO IT WITH YOU NOW, AND WITH YOUR FRIENDS. DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP ALSO?

To Donate Online Go To Use, debit cards or paypal. Or Send checks made out to A Third Place Community Foundation to 6514 N. Peoria Ave., Turley, OK 74126.

We are an all-volunteer grassroots new 501c3 non profit organization but already have a health clinic, library, computer center, food pantry, clothing room, lending library, gardens and orchard, community center with programs and events. We would love to partner with you. Thanks so much.

“Small Acts of Justice Done With Great Love Change The World”
A Third Place Community Foundation, 6514 N. Peoria Ave.
918-794-4637, 691-3223, 430-1150,

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