Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Focus in turley: good christian curriculum

We got this fall focus here in Turley off to a great start and spirit this past Wednesday, lots of people dropping by and staying from activities at the community center to join us in our dinner and in our showing of the documentary The Narrow Path about the life and work of Father John Dear. A good selection of folks, veterans and pows and pacifists, all struggling together to consider ways of Jesus and non-violence. One of my favorite learnings was John Dear's distinquishing between peace, which everyone is for including Empire, and nonviolence, which few walk.

Anyway, here is a look ahead. We are using some good new book resources as background for our conversations, including To Do Justice, a guide for progressive Christians, and Resistance: the new role of progressive Christians. And the bible.

We are alternating between the outward focus of social justice, and the inward focus of developing the personal spiritual resources to allow us to better resist the dominant culture.

Wednesdays---common meal at 6 p.m., conversation at 6:30, prayer and communion circle, 7:30. Times may vary. All are invited for any portion.

Sept. 10: Justice and Nonviolence---from a documentary called “The Narrow Path” about John Dear, priest, author, peace activist.

Sept. 17: First Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

Sept. 24: Justice and Work

Oct. 1: Resistance and the resources of the Bible

Oct. 8: Justice and Families

Oct. 15: Resistance and Prayer

Oct. 22: Justice and Addictions

Oct. 29: Resistance Theology

Friday, Oct. 31: Community Halloween Party

Tuesday Nov. 4: Community Civility & Common Ground Election Watch Party

November 5: Justice and Politics

Nov. 12: Resistance and Forgiveness

Nov. 19: Justice and the Imprisoned

Nov. 26: Resistance and Sustaining Creation

Thursday, Nov. 27 Community Thanksgiving Meal?

Dec. 3: Justice and Health Care; Season of Advent Worship: Peace

Dec. 10: Resistance and Money; Season of Advent Worship: Joy

Dec. 17: Justice and Immigrants; Season of Advent Worship: Love

Dec. 24: Christmas Eve service(s): Hope

Dec. 31: New Years Eve Watch Party Type your summary here