Saturday, June 07, 2008


Here is a way, beyond the actual encounters we have, that we have begun sharing about our church with those who first meet us through our community center. Notice what is missing.

Our church that began A Third Place community center in Turley
is a different kind of church than many. Here’s how:

We simply believe in making Jesus visible in the world
In lives and in our families and in our work and in our communities
So our church is designed to promote faithfulness to that mission
Wherever life happens. Not just on Sunday for one hour.
We are an organic church more than an organizational church.
Our vision is to be a network of micro-churches not one mega-church
And we want to gather wherever love and justice is most needed
In the places others have forgotten, neglected, oppressed.

We are an open free non-creedal church--We welcome all who welcome all
Regardless of religious belief, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, economic status, how you make a living, or your politics.
That is the test of our covenant, our faith
We happily work with people in other churches, other faiths
And we welcome the doubter, questioner, seeker too to join with us.
Our goal is to grow people of Spirit and Service

We strive to be like a new kind of monastery for these new times
We ask of ourselves these things then as our discipline of faith, and seek to follow them as closely as possible, living in forgiveness of ourselves and others when we can’t:
1.) To pray and/or meditate daily, 2.) worship weekly, 3.) check-in spiritually with one another or others monthly, 4.) go on Spiritual Retreat annually, 5.) make a pilgrimage at least once during our lifetime to some place that holds special spiritual meaning to us, and 6.) at all times and places sow seeds of love and justice through acts of random kindness.

Wednesdays 6 – 8 p.m. here at A Third Place:
common meal, conversation, communion Call 794-4637, 691-3223, 430-1150 to set up a time to talk one on one with Ron Robinson or one of us about us or your spiritual path, about a good idea you have, and especially about helping seed another group like ours in another site. Check for ways to serve with us, and

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