Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Revival Opening Night

was pure energy....Rev. Gerald L. Davis of Church of the Restoration preaching, and the praise music from the New Dimensions Chorale setting the worship mood, and the folks from around the country coming in to Tulsa, getting blown away by the new inclusive diverse multi cultural worship at All Souls as many of the All Souls choirs took part in the opening worship. This after centering prayer in the afternoon and a fun couple of hours watching various film versions of Jesus over the past 100 years. And then right after the big worship dynamic high, we had a short 15 minutes of Compline Prayer in the chapel; nice way to come down and move into the nightime hours of rest. Tomorrow is Taize in the morning after Lauds, small groups meeting, lunch, workshops, an all important and open to the public service project out here to A Third Place Center to work on a new art gallery, food and justice for all resource center, and volunteer central; our little LivingRoom church has deep roots and great wings. Then back for dinner at All Souls and the always moving, heartfelt prayer and healing service, and compline after it.

Come on by. You can always register at the door. $50 per day. And as you can see from Saturday with Carlton Pearson preaching and the New Dimensions Chorale in worship again, and much more, is going to define Revival for Progressive Christianity.

We will have DVDs for sale of the opening worship and the keynote worship.

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