Saturday, July 21, 2012

Praying The Psalms

 In keeping with our monthly July theme of going deeper into Prayer, here are the notes for the Sunday, July 22 conversation on Praying The Psalms. It is a good followup to this past Sunday's Praying The Hours, since including Psalm reading and reflection is often a key part of each of the daily office prayer times. And it is a good followup to our conversation on Lectio Divina, since applying the exercise of lectio divina to the Psalms is a wonderful way to let the Psalms speak to you, to read you. Here is the outline for tomorrow's conversation at 9:30 am followed by communion, and common meal.

Praying The Psalms

Part of The Daily Office, Part of Lectio Divina, or as a Separate Spiritual Practice, or to turn to in special times of tragedy

Psalms and Exile Experience, Attributed To David

Psalms and Jesus

Psalms and The Experience of Life: Orientation/Security, Disorientation/Lament, Re-Orientation/Praise for Newness of Life

Psalms and Power of Place and Language and Full Range of Emotions (vengeance and violence)

Psalms and Hope, Parallelism: Enemies Destroy/King Orders; Tears/Table; Trampled/Clapping

Psalms and Personal Experiences

Psalm Sampler: 1, 8, 22, 23, 88, 90, 137, 139

Psalm Writing Spiritual Exercise

Invocation, Naming: O____________

Simile: Like A ___________, (Name, Action) __________________Me.

Struggle: I Fear________________________________

Prayer of Delivery: But_____________________________________

Thankfulness/Praise: Still, __________________________________________

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