Saturday, June 18, 2011

The June issue Good News Online: Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, General Assembly Communion, Revival in D.C., Retreat at Glastonbury Abbey

Here is a link to the latest monthly online Good News issue from the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship for Pentecost and Trinity Sunday and General Assembly and more this month. Latest news on all the exciting changes and programs for Revival 2012. Feel free to share with others.

Plus here is more on Pentecost Sunday and the liturgical season of Pentecost/Ordinary Time we have entered into, where the accent is on The Spirit moving into and through unexpected people and places...including sermons on progressive interpretations of Pentecost:

On Sunday, June 12 the church celebrated the Day of Pentecost and we entered the long liturgical season of Pentecost, or Ordinary Time. There has been, it seems, a resurgence of interest in the religious observance of Pentecost even among many different UU congregations. Many are coming to see what a powerfully particularly universalist message and story that we have been left in the Second Chapter of Acts. There are elements of our touchstone of continuous revelation, of visions and the ability to prophecy coming to all kinds of people, the affirmation of unity in diversity, and the yearning for a covenanted community focused on meeting real needs in the here and now, inspired by a Transcendent Spirit.

Here are just a few links to sermons and blogposts that delve into the spirit and the story of Pentecost in UU settings."Found in Translation" by Rev. Rob Hardies of All Souls Unitarian Church of Washington, D.C. "Tongues of Fire" by the Rev. Harold E. Babcock at First Religious Society UU of Newburyport, Mass. blogpost on Pentecost Day and Unitarian Universalism by the Rev. Fred Hammond, a UU minister in Mississippi and Alabama.

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