Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go and Do Church vs. Come and Join Church

Because we have created the A Third Place center, even when members of our LivingRoom church aren't there, because we were there good things happen---two elderly women have been bringing us things to share because we don't sell them but we give them to those in need no questions asked...Family Dollar employee has been bringing us seasonal decorations to give away that they had been told to throw away; so we have "new" Christmas stuff now, and a month or so after each holiday we will get more of these to pass on...I love the symbolism of how we are out of seasonal step with the commercial marketplace culture; Jesus is always in season, I say....We help people get bus fare to get to shelters, even as we mourn with them that we can't yet offer it here...We help people find jobs through our free internet center...and more, these are only a few of the latest stories.

Church is different here, not only in being non-creedal, but in the sense that it is definitely more than a place, more than a designated people who sign a book and especially not a big group (we are small even for a small group lol), more than a set of bylaws or even a name, and more than a one-hour a week experience. We are not a "come and do like us, be like us" church; but we strive to be a "go and do" church; go and do likewise, the man said, and you will experience God if you are open to how God can be found in others and with others. Amen.

I am often asked when my church meets. Click on read more to see the answer...

When two or more of us get together to act as Jesus would, I say. So we are meeting...Tonight at 5:30 at Tulsa comm college to help others in north Tulsa.
Tomorrow Sat at 9 am at turley lodge for community breakfast, building relationships, helping raise funds for a community project or family in need. 6227 N. Quincy.

Tomorrow Sat. at 10 am at A Third Place Center for Acts of Kindness Day, weather permitting working on the reclaiming of the intersection at 66th and N. Lewis by O'Brien Park, and other random acts.

Sunday, Feb. 15, 10 am worship and morning prayer followed by cooking a meal together; this Sunday bring soups and more to cook, and eating in community. Invited to join me with All Souls Sunday Cinema and discussion Sunday afternoon at 2952 S. Peoria as I moderate the discussion of a newly released movie.

Tuesday, Feb. 17 7 pm free stress-reducing workshop at the Center, faciliated by OU grad student Margaret Zwicker.

Wednesdays 9 am morning prayer, 11 am bible study based on the lectionary, noonday prayer.

Anytime like Wednesday night when folks just hang out with others at the Center, helping others, as we do during the weekday.

Friday, Feb. 20, noon volunteer training; and 6:30 pm appreciation dinner and thank you reception.

Saturday Feb. 21 2 pm meeting of Saving Pets of Turley, and 3 pm meeting of Turley history chat and projects

Sunday, Feb. 22 11 am worship with Church of the Restoration, Pine and Greenwood

Monday, Feb. 23, 6:30 pm A Third Place Community Foundation Board planning and visioning session

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 7 pm meeting with Turley community Association at O'Brien Park to work with others to improve life in our area, meeting with area officials

Wednesday, Feb. 25, travel with us as we celebrate Ash Wednesday with another church in our area

Tuesday, March 3, 7 pm as our Let Turley Bloom hosts another community gardening meeting working toward our big event organizing local volunteers for community gardens and having our Seed Sharing and Green North Tulsa event on Saturday, April 4 from 10 am to 2 pm at A Third Place. Our partners, the OU Graduate Social Work students will have been canvassing our neighborhoods and helping find interested people in working with us, and sharing information about us.

And then we are proud to announce that on Thursday, March 5 we have spearheaded a collaboration with Cherokee School, our new partner in education, and with Tulsa Channel 8 to bring in meteorologist Frank Mitchell to do broadcasts from the school and with families at 4:30 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm and then he will do a weather safety program with the children at 6:30 pm and then meet with area residents at 7 pm to introduce people to and sign people up for WeatherCall in our area where people can get phone calls about severe alerts instead of having to rely on whether they or their loved ones can hear the sirens; just 50 cents a month, and we will be helping people as needed sign up. This is an idea that began from conversation with the managers of the local Daylight Donuts shop who thought we would be the ones to make it happen, and so we have been.

In April another OU graduate social work class will be working with us to nurture neighborhood leaders and help resource them to help their own areas within our two mile radius, a way to take our spirit outside of our Center and to the streets themselves, help them put on block parties, clean-up times, etc.