Friday, October 03, 2008

Koinonia Film

In 1942, Rev. Clarence Jordan, a white Southern Baptist minister in south Georgia who believed in integration and also believed in following the radical Jesus and Paul mission to share possessions and live and work with the poor set up Koinonia Farm near Americus, Georgia. The rest is history. We took a break from our planned conversation to let the spirit move us toward this film and the testimony of Rev. Jordan and all those who followed at Koinonia Partners and its birth of Habitat For Humanity. So many lessons for the organic church, for what we are inching toward here in Turley, OK. Just a plug for the documentary, 57 minutes long, perfect for small groups to watch and discuss, and seek ways to keep its spirit alive wherever you are. You can get the documentary through Netflix and probably through your library, I hope. Go to