Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Mission Project of ours in the news

Here at The Living Room Church plant where we have our "community signature" as the A Third Place community center which we began, we got in the news again with a project and partnership to help our area recover from the disastrous ice storm of December. This time it is a Tulsa World newspaper story.

Like the television coverage of other recent events linked to below in this blog, even the publicity itself is a mission and service project here where so many residents suffer from stereotypes and a steady diet of negative publicity over the years. During the Turley Talks programs ongoing, there has been a real disconnect between what the residents say about this community, how safe it is, and all its other assets, compared to the images and myths and stereotypes the University of Oklahoma students working on the project said they had heard about us from others who lived elsewhere in the Tulsa area.

And all of this from a few disciples, no paid staff, partnering with others, doing small things with great love. End.

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