Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Blog Recap: Hope you didn't miss these

Here is one from notes of a meeting I had with folks planting a church:

Here is one where it dawns on me what often can happen from the attraction model focus on meeting visitors first in worship rather than in mission

One of the ones that was most cathartic and I hope helpful. My big mistakes. I could update it a lot....

One area of Why liberals, progressives, moderates, especially UUs have trouble growing new churches, which means trouble growing the overall movement

Growth stuff...

More growth stuff...

A survey of emergent, transformational, organic

Hate his take on Jesus and the Christian faith, but love his analysis and his call to action:

The Worship Debate:

A seminal book to digest:

The same book:

Some basic re-orientations needed:

McNeal's workshop notes I took, re-orienting, prophetic

Might go hand in hand with Worship Debate. When people say they want community we should give them what they need, commuintas...

A summary of organic church

More to come I suspect. New readers thanks for coming in after these were lost in the archives.