Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Previews of Coming Attractions

I am going to be posting on what Christians can and should learn from Unitarian Universalists, especially UU Christians--hint, we live our lives amidst the mission field, the microcosmic world of the "unChristian." More to come, especially since I spend so much of my time talking with UUs about why they should be hanging out not only with Jesus but with Christians, and learning from them, hence this blog. Speaking of "unChristian" this is the title of the latest book from the Barna group, a kind of follow up to Barna's own Revolution, of which I blogged before and stil recommend most highly (usual caveats regarding conservative Christian theology; I wonder when, O God, when I can feel safe avoiding those caveats?). I will have more to say about their research findings on the "outsiders" etc. Also reading Kimball's latest, "They Like Jesus But Not The Church." I will be blogging about the reversal that seems true in the UU world. They like Church but not Jesus, or maybe they have come around to accept and make peace with the idea of church, by whatever name it might be called, and that struggle was enough. We found religious home finally, or for once, and we don't want to entertain anything that might jeopardize that feeling, that home, and serious diving down into the particulars of a particular faith community tradition practice can seem threatening to that found home, whether it be Christian or otherwise, but i think especially Jesus since in some ways he is all about busting up your homes, your churches, your set lives, in order to let God breathe/break in. Anyway I will be blogging on it later too. End for now.

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