Monday, August 20, 2007

Those Unexpected Blessed Encounters

So I was in Denton Texas recently for my nephew's wedding and at the rehearsal party met one of the bridesmaids. Actually I was talking with her mother and used the phrase "missional/incarnational" to describe the church plant here, and I could tell it was only somewhat resonant with her but she said her daughter would know about it. Sure enough her daughter, the bridesmaid, had been involved in urban ministry and mission work in Roxbury, Mass., had attended Andover-Newton, was now at Gordon-Conwell, or actually in Houston but finishing there, and had been involved with a Vineyard church. She mentioned ReImagine in San Francisco and the conversation, brief as it was, clicked. I realized later how rare it is, for me anyway, to be able to get right down to sharing without having to go through the explanations and introductions to this beingness of church. I know there are dangers in those "oh, you are one of those too!" encounters, for we forget our mission is with the others, but the encounters are so sweet and inspirational. end

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