Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Film Section

Have you encountered whole movies or great scenes from movies that capture the spirit of the emergent church, critique the established church, or that provide "teaching moments" about sowing seeds of God's radical mission? If so let's build a section together.

At The Living Room on Wednesdays we have "Reel Spirituality" gatherings. This week it was to see "The Spitfire Grill." Lots of good stuff about where and what "church" is and can be in this depiction of a staid small dysfunctional New England town (UUs and UCCers take note!). And how it is transformed by the outsider/outcast/spirit of Christ. Note how the empty church is depicted, and how the minister-less community is depicted, and how they learn to be a community/church together in an out-of-the-box project they undertake, and how much it changes at the end. Great vision-casting and contrast between the church that was and the church that is coming.

I have a whole host of other movie scenes and full films that preach church planting well and will add them later. Here lately we have been doing Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story, Chocolat, Saved, Smoke Signals, Stuart (Smalley) Saves His Family. More reflections to come relating movies to church planting, et al.